Friday, July 27, 2007

The Indy Film Co-op is proud to have a Brownsburg resident, Steve ‘Papaw’ Pyatte, as Master of Ceremonies for the B MOVIE CELEBRATION during the weekend of August 17th through 19th in beautiful Franklin, Indiana. Pyatte is a self-professed fan of classic B science fiction and horror films. Just what is the B MOVIE CELEBRATION? Steve Pyatte explains. “Sixty classic B movies, B movie icons Kaufman, Wynorski, Savini and Brooks, loads of B filmmaking seminars, tons of filmmakers, screenwriters, special effect artists and actors galore, added to the hundreds and hundreds of B movie fans coming from everywhere - all gathered in one place to celebrate B movies and to simply have some fun.” The B MOVIE CELEBRATION is an event unlike any other and is not to be confused with a film festival. This weekend promises to be better than a three-ring circus for any B movie fan. Included in the great line up of over sixty feature B films to be shown are the classics, ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’, the ‘Bride of Frankenstein’, 'Forbidden Planet", "Night of The Living Dead" and "Death Race 2000". Special guests appearing at The B MOVIE CELEBRATION will be Troma Studio founder Lloyd Kaufman, B film legend and maverick director, Jim Wynorski, special effect make-up guru Tom Savini and ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space’ B movie great, Conrad Brooks. Kaufman will be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award. Other special guests include Midnight Movie Host, Mr. Lobo, horror director Jim O'Rear, . Pyatte states, “I am truly honored to have been asked to emcee this one of a kind event to celebrate B films and some of the pioneers associated with bringing them to us. To be onstage with these great inspirations will be a highlight of my career as a filmmaker.”“To those who attend, I promise that the B MOVIE CELEBRATION will be a fun weekend you will never forget. A fabulously fun weekend of B films.” says Pyatte. To see the complete schedule for the B MOVIE CELEBRATION or to purchase tickets please visit For further information email

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