Monday, July 30, 2007

The Cry of The Winged Serpent

The B Movie Celebration today announced that it had secured the rights to screen Cry of The Winged Serpent. The film produced by Roger Corman's Concorde-New Horizon tells the story of young man is given an amulet that can call upon the power of the mythical Winged Serpent which he uses to get revenge on those who have oppressed his people. Directed by Jamie Wagner and starring Maxwell Caulfield (Grease 2, Empire Records and La Femme Nikita) as well as Robert Beltran (Star Trek, Nixon and Night of The Comet).Jim Wynorski and Concorde New Horizon has gifted us with Cry of The Winged Serpent says Don Becker, The Indy Film Co-op Producer of showing and we are exceedingly grateful Cry of The Winged Serpent will be shown on the screens of The Historic ArtCraft Theatre at 9:30 PM August 17th in Franklin Indiana as part of The B Movie Celebration. A celebration of all cinematic B things being held August 17th thru 19th in Franklin, Indiana, the garden spot of the Mid West. The B Movie Celebration is an event unlike any other. Part film festival, part educational symposium and part circus. Over sixty classic B feature film films will be shown, including 'Forbidden Planet", "Night of The Living Dead" and "Death Race 2000". Appearing at The Celebration, will be Troma Studio founder Lloyd Kaufman, B Film Legend Jim Wynorski, Effects Guru Tom Savini and numerous other practitioners of the B movie art form. Tom Barker, of The B Movie Celebration, " What we want to build here is a tradition for Franklin, a tradition for the Mid West and a tradition for all fans of B Movies, now having a world premiere of a Hollywood feature film, well that?s just butter on top of the popcorn" Please go to and check out our schedule, you won't be sorry. You also can purchase tickets online at

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