Thursday, July 9, 2009

Popatopolis:How To Make A Movie In Three Days Opens The B Movie Celebration

In 20 years
He's directed more films than Martin Scorsese,
He's produced more profitable movies than Jerry Bruckheimer,
And he's infuriated more actors than Alfred Hitchcock.

The ultimate B Movie Documentary, focusing on B Movie Giant Jim Wynorski (and B Movie Celebration Mentor) and his attempt to make a feature film in 3 days.He's directed seventy feature films, but he's never made one... in THREE DAYS .Jim cuts the shooting schedule, has the actors cook their own food. A documentary featuring B-Movie legends Roger Corman, Andy Sidaris, Julie Strain, Julie K. Smith and Stormy Daniels, Popatopolis follows Jim Wynorski as he begins to film one of his many opuses "Witches of Breastwick"

Jim's frenetic pace demands 100 setups per day (the Hollywood standard is 20), and he reduces his electric package to just two lights so he can concentrate on the task at hand.A great overview of a true master at work and in many ways a laser sharp dialectic on the state of B filmmaking today.

This film was directed by Clay Westervelt, LA based filmmaker and B Movie Celebration Veteran.A portion of this film was shot at the 1st Annual B Movie Celebration

Come join us as we celebrate the work of the one, the only Jim Wynorski. This film is a riot.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nominate Your B Movie Greats for The Golden Cob Award


Hey Folks! It's time for you to get out your thinking caps and send your suggestions for nominees! The 2009 B Movie Celebration is looking for people and films to honor in this year's Golden Cob Awards. So think about the films, filmmakers, actors, actresses and rubber suited monsters you've loved from B Movies and nominate some of them!