Monday, August 20, 2007

Take A Bow-Until 2008

The curtain has fallen, the popcorn has been swept up and we have finally have seen our guests home. The Co-op has grown so much due to the efforts of our collective of members. I want to thank our dear guests for their friendship and their mentorship, Jim Wynorski Lloyd Kaufman Dave Schlatter Tom Savini Mister Lobo The Queen of Trash (who by the way is a lovely gal) Conrad Brooks Eric Chatterjee Mark Burchett Jeff Dunn Ron Aberdeen John Huff Jay Edwards Dan Hall Jim O'Rear Peter John Ross Adam Shephard Randy DeFord At one point its was mentioned if a meteor was to hit Franklin, the B Movie industry would lose 50% of its practitioners. Our noble and fierce brother Steve "Papaw" Pyatte. We love you and will always remember the pioneering work you have done. We all owe a large debt of gratitude to our many volunteers, I will list them in no particular order. You people have shown your love for movies and the people who make them. We are so very proud to know you and work alongside you Carolyn Doyle Dave Rose Don Becker Tom Barker Jim Mannan Lee Vervoort Robin Panet Kehaulani Haydon Juanita Robson Roby Robson Allen Barket Joyce Barker Frank Gullo Corey Miller Jack Rooney Maura Buckle Thanks you to our great facilities Franklin College- Martha Clark-Pfifer ArtCraft Theater- Rob Shilts Johnson County Musum of History- Sarah Rogers Again the curtain has fallen....please take a well deserved bow. Viva La Co-op See you next year

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